Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) now available for My Docs Online

The option to require two-factor authentication (2FA) for increased login security is now available for all account types other than the legacy Personal Edition. When turned on by the Group Administrator an Authorization PIN will be delivered via email or text (or both, letting the user chose the method each time the user logs in).

Important details include:

  • Delivery of the PIN via email is the basic method, and assumes the email address associated with each user is accurate.
  • Optional mobile numbers may be set by either users or the Group Administrator. Those users with a mobile number set will choose Authentication PIN delivery via email or text at each login.
  • When 2FA is enabled ALL users in multi-user accounts will be required to use 2FA.
  • When 2FA is enabled access will be limited to the browser interface only, as other methods of account access cannot support 2FA. Turning on 2FA means users will not be able to use Web Folders, the Desktop App, or SDK-based batch programs.
  • Administrators should consider running the Two Factor Report found at Group Administration…Tools & Reports to learn what email address is associated with each account and which users have a mobile number set.
  • 2FA does NOT change how the Customer Upload and Share links work.

Administrators use Group Administration…Group Settings…Two-Factor Authentication to turn the feature on or off.

Administrators use Group Administration…Group Users Administration to set or change a user’s email address and mobile number using the Action Menu for a user.

If User Update is set to “Admin or User” then Settings…Mobile Number can be used by each User ID in the group account. Group Administrators also use Settings…Mobile Number to set their own mobile number

Embedding Customer Upload Into A Page On Your Website

Website developers wanting to embed Customer Upload into a website use an iFrame along with the logo=no parm.

IMPORTANT! My Docs Online Customer Upload provides you with a SECURE (HTTPS) link to reassure your customers that their files are protected during upload. If you embed Customer Upload into your website using this method, and your own website is not itself secured via HTTPS your users will be warned by most browsers that their session is “Not Secure”. Even though the embedded My Docs Online portion is itself secure, your customer will perceive it is not secure.

If your website does not use HTTPS and providing a clearly secure upload for your customers is important, you should NOT embed Customer Upload using this method. Instead, link to your Customer Upload page, and customize it with your logo to “brand” it. That way browsers will inform your users that your Customer Upload page is secure.

For embedding details using iFrame see this FAQ article.

To find your account’s Customer Upload link and customization options:

  • Login here with your Admin ID:
  • Click Group Administration–>Group Settings–>Customer Upload
  • View and test your Custom Customer Upload link
  • Click “Customize” to access available options, as described in this blog post

Customer Upload Enhanced To Support Customizable “Departmental Links”

(For general information on Customer Upload features and customization see this post.)

The My Docs Online Customer Upload feature has long included the ability to create “departmental” subfolders under \Customer Upload with unique links. The feature is usually coupled with folder permissions and notification options associated with a particular Login ID.

Now these links also include the ability to customize the upload form separately from the main Customer Upload link and other “departmental” links.

Although all Customer Upload forms share the same custom logo, all other fields and options are now unique to the subfolder, including instructions, optional fields, prompts, file type rules, and more.

To set up a departmental upload link and customize it follow these steps:

  • login with your Administrator ID using the browser interface
  • Open the \Customer Upload folder (if you don’t yet have that folder create it with “Create Folder” and then open it
  • While in \Customer Upload use “Create Folder” to add the departmental folder
  • Select “Details” from the Action menu for the departmental folder

You will see two things in the details dialog: the unique link and a link to “Customize upload form for this link”. Clicking the link will take you to the customization wizard for the departmental folder, which is the same as the regular Customer Upload customization, with the exception of logo upload.

The departmental upload link can be used on a website or in emails. Remember to use folder permissions and email notifications for the departmental folder as desired.

HOW TO: Transfer Your MYDOCSONLINE Files To Your Dropbox Account

You ask, “How do I move files to Dropbox?”

By using our free MDO SDK tool you can easily transfer your MYDOCSONLINE files into your Dropbox account.

It’s as simple as copying a MYDOCSONLINE folder to your local Dropbox folder, which in turn causes Dropbox to copy your files to the Dropbox cloud.

A MYDOCSONLINE Support Team Member writes the SDK configuration script for you. Next, you install it on your PC. You may run it manually or automate it with Windows Scheduler to run daily. It’s that easy!

We won’t need any Dropbox credentials (ID and password) because we use the local PC Dropbox folder as the intermediary.

Contact [email protected] to get started today!

Receive Customer Files Securely with Complete Customization

Our Customer Upload feature is used to receive customer files, securely, and easily. The most recent round of enhancements to Customer Upload adds more customization options then ever before using a Customization Wizard that walks you through each option, with a live preview along the way.

Customization now supports:

  • Uploading, aligning, and sizing your own logo
  • Adding a custom “instructions” section to tell your customers what you will do after you receive customer files
  • Customization of prompts for each of five form fields, one required (identifying who is sending the files, which becomes the subfolder name the files are uploaded to), and four optional fields, including email and comment, plus two more you can define yourself
  • Optional “I am not a robot” processing using Google’s reCAPTCHA checkbox. You want to receive customer files, not files from a robot
  • Customizable “Upload Complete” message
  • Optional confirmation email to your customer, with customizable subject, message body, and optional list of files uploaded
  • Optional “file type whitelist” to restrict uploads to types of files you specify (for instance image files only:.pdf, .png, jpeg, .jpg, .tif, ,tiff)
  • Notification email (and notification flag) to you using standard My Docs Online email notification
  • In the My Docs Online browser interface “Action:Details” for any file received via Customer Upload now includes all the information from the form your customer completed when doing the upload
  • Optional link to a specific subfolder under \Customer Upload, enabling unique links (as well as notifications and permissions) for individuals or groups/departments within your organization

Customer Upload can also be “embedded” in your website (only do this if your site uses https: to avoid browser warnings).

To view your new customer upload link and access the Customization Wizard:

As always, contact us with any questions or issues, or for hands-on help with customization.