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Instant Secure Customer Upload Page

We’ve done the work for you. Each account is configured with an HTML link to an HTTPS Customer Upload web page. SHARE link and receive files from customers privately. Email notifications alert you when files arrive. Professional branding is included. Don’t let file size or security keep you from doing business in the cloud any longer.



RECEIVE large files from customers securely into your account from your personalized Customer Upload web page. HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all file transfers. SHARE the secure HTML link for your Customer Upload page in emails, or embed upload link on your web site. Professional FREE branding design gives your page a polished look to match your business site and brand. SECURITY. PRIVACY and we make your business look good.



No User IDs or Passwords are needed for customers to Upload files. Each Customer Upload page has an easy “Drag and Drop” zone to upload files into your account. Your Customer Upload page also allow clients to browse for files to upload into your account. Easy file upload and progress bars makes it simple to see when file upload is complete. Easy mobile-friendly upload links are available for those customers on the go. Instantly your account links are ready to use. It’s that easy!


Turn ON email notifications to alert you or your associates when files arrive from your Customer Upload page. Email notifications keeps business workflow fast and efficient. In addition, email notification alerts are displayed in your web client interface to track email notifications in case they get lost in an active email inbox. No sweat! We’ve thought of everything so your business can run smoothly.


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After your account is configured just send us your logo or graphic. We will get you setup quickly so you can get on with your business at hand.