Website developers wanting to embed Customer Upload into a website use an iFrame along with the logo=no parm.

IMPORTANT! My Docs Online Customer Upload provides you with a SECURE (HTTPS) link to reassure your customers that their files are protected during upload. If you embed Customer Upload into your website using this method, and your own website is not itself secured via HTTPS your users will be warned by most browsers that their session is “Not Secure”. Even though the embedded My Docs Online portion is itself secure, your customer will perceive it is not secure.

If your website does not use HTTPS and providing a clearly secure upload for your customers is important, you should NOT embed Customer Upload using this method. Instead, link to your Customer Upload page, and customize it with your logo to “brand” it. That way browsers will inform your users that your Customer Upload page is secure.

For embedding details using iFrame see this FAQ article.

To find your account’s Customer Upload link and customization options:

  • Login here with your Admin ID:
  • Click Group Administration–>Group Settings–>Customer Upload
  • View and test your Custom Customer Upload link
  • Click “Customize” to access available options, as described in this blog post