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We’ve been serving businesses like yours for 16 years, by providing the tools, support, and training necessary to let them do what they do best. Run their businesses.  How can MYDOCSONLINE help you?


Simple to Use

Easily share and track files like Word documents, audio recordings, spreadsheets, PDFs, QuickBook data, images and more with colleagues, clients and suppliers. Upload and share files from your account or through a secure link using your email app.


Designed for Security

MYDOCSONLINE makes data access safe, reliable, and fast. And with powerful administrative controls and a secure infrastructure you can protect your file transfers and your confidential information with peace of mind.


Offsite File Storage

Industry-leading security and offsite data storage mean your files are safe. No matter what happens- flood, fire, or crash - you can recover your data anytime, anywhere.

What People are Saying

“That is what I love about your service…so intuitive …you don’t sit on things; always looking for ways to make the product easier for the user and carefree! Just wanted to let you know your attention to detail and customer service and support is greatly appreciated!”

KCS & Associates Medical Transcription Service

“While dealing with the frustrations of computer problems, it was really refreshing to get support from someone who actually wanted to help and sounded like they were right next door! Thanks Steve for your technical abilities, nice demeanor and offering to hang on the line to make sure everything worked out. WOW! How cool is that?”

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