(For general information on Customer Upload features and customization see this post.)

The My Docs Online Customer Upload feature has long included the ability to create “departmental” subfolders under \Customer Upload with unique links. The feature is usually coupled with folder permissions and notification options associated with a particular Login ID.

Now these links also include the ability to customize the upload form separately from the main Customer Upload link and other “departmental” links.

Although all Customer Upload forms share the same custom logo, all other fields and options are now unique to the subfolder, including instructions, optional fields, prompts, file type rules, and more.

To set up a departmental upload link and customize it follow these steps:

  • login with your Administrator ID using the browser interface
  • Open the \Customer Upload folder (if you don’t yet have that folder create it with “Create Folder” and then open it
  • While in \Customer Upload use “Create Folder” to add the departmental folder
  • Select “Details” from the Action menu for the departmental folder

You will see two things in the details dialog: the unique link and a link to “Customize upload form for this link”. Clicking the link will take you to the customization wizard for the departmental folder, which is the same as the regular Customer Upload customization, with the exception of logo upload.

The departmental upload link can be used on a website or in emails. Remember to use folder permissions and email notifications for the departmental folder as desired.