My Docs Online Secure File Delivery API

My Docs Online, Inc. has provided HIPAA-compliant Secure File Sharing and Delivery since 1999. With the most recent release of its web client and Java Desktop Application the secure file sharing options have been expanded and made more flexible and powerful.

The My Docs Online Secure File Delivery web API provides access to file delivery services from applications.

Secure File Delivery includes the following features and options:

  • Branded web page listing the file(s) being delivered
  • Automated inclusion of a Zip archive including all files in the delivery “package” (N/A when delivery includes a single file)
  • Optional PIN or password required before the list of delivered files is displayed
  • SSL standard for all connections
  • Files are encrypted at rest on our servers using AES256
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Secure File Delivery page URL returned
  • Key to Share event returned (used for optional results query and/or cancellation)
  • Default file delivery expiration in days with override
  • Files stored in your account for use as a “control panel” enabling checking of delivery results, link reuse, and delivery cancellation
  • Delivery results query via API
  • Delivery cancellation via API

To get started, read the Getting Started Guide (pdf). For details, read the API Reference (pdf). For a sample program see the C# Guide (pdf). C# programmers can also download the C# Files (zip).

Contact us with any configuration questions. There is no additional fee for our technical team to help configure and remotely setup the API should your business require help. When contacting us let us know your needs and availability so that we may accommodate your request.