The option to require two-factor authentication (2FA) for increased login security is now available for all account types other than the legacy Personal Edition. When turned on by the Group Administrator an Authorization PIN will be delivered via email or text (or both, letting the user chose the method each time the user logs in).

Important details include:

  • Delivery of the PIN via email is the basic method, and assumes the email address associated with each user is accurate.
  • Optional mobile numbers may be set by either users or the Group Administrator. Those users with a mobile number set will choose Authentication PIN delivery via email or text at each login.
  • When 2FA is enabled ALL users in multi-user accounts will be required to use 2FA.
  • When 2FA is enabled access will be limited to the browser interface only, as other methods of account access cannot support 2FA. Turning on 2FA means users will not be able to use Web Folders, the Desktop App, or SDK-based batch programs.
  • Administrators should consider running the Two Factor Report found at Group Administration…Tools & Reports to learn what email address is associated with each account and which users have a mobile number set.
  • 2FA does NOT change how the Customer Upload and Share links work.

Administrators use Group Administration…Group Settings…Two-Factor Authentication to turn the feature on or off.

Administrators use Group Administration…Group Users Administration to set or change a user’s email address and mobile number using the Action Menu for a user.

If User Update is set to “Admin or User” then Settings…Mobile Number can be used by each User ID in the group account. Group Administrators also use Settings…Mobile Number to set their own mobile number