Instantly turn any account into a professional looking business account

Deliver files securely with your professional brand and style

Within hours your professional branding is ready to go. And it's free!

Professional Account Branding

My Docs Online provides professional account branding at no additional charge. Your business logo is displayed in three key areas.


Account branding is perfect for your public Customer Upload page. This web page is where clients without an ID and password can transfer any file size and file type securely into your account. Customer Upload pages can even be incorporated into your business web site with ease. Create an account, and we send your link instantly. Send us your logo and your professional branding is available within hours. There’s now a Mobile Friendly Customer Upload link that can be used for your customers on the go!


Professional branding is applied to your Secure File Delivery page. Each file or set of files you “SHARE” will be delivered with a link to your professionally branded Secure File Delivery page for recipients to either VIEW or DOWNLOAD shared files. It’s ….Your Name. Your Logo. Your Files.  WE MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD to everyone you do business with — for free!


Everyone who has permissions to your account will see your business logo upon login through their web browser interface.  It adds a nice professional touch to your Secure Document Sharing & Collaboration work area  – so let’s get you started today!

Have an account or a FREE TRIAL, just send your logo to [email protected] and include your login ID along with your request for your free professional account branding. Do not worry about graphic size. Just send along your logo and we will handle the rest for you.  If you want to just send us your web site address we can capture your logo from there to incorporate your branding to match your site. It’s easy and we do the work for you.

Learn more about display options and special controls in this article.

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