Optional Password On Public Upload Feature

Many professionals need a secure way to receive files from their clients, patients, students, customers, associates and the like. MYDOCSONLINE just released an optional password-protected Customer Upload feature. Each account now has a checkbox “Require Password” in the Group Administration–>Group Settings–> Customer Upload plus a field to enter the password. Refer to our screen display below.

The password is visible to make it easier to recall. The password of course must be provided to anyone doing an upload. It is up to the Administrator to communicate the password verbally or secure method to individuals that are uploading files.

If the “Required Password” option is selected then the link changes from cuploadcustom.aspx to cuploadpw.asx. Though, if the regular link is used with the “Require Password” turned ON then the link gets redirected to the password protected link. As a result, there is no need to change the regular link as posted on web pages or sent in emails.

Our public UPLOAD feature is referred to as “Customer Upload” and is enabled for all accounts at start up. Should you not want to use this feature you may simply disable the feature.  The Customer Upload feature permits any file type and any file size to be transferred securely into your account by individual from any computer, laptop, iPad or mobile device. You now can turn ON the new password feature to prevent unwanted files from being uploaded into your account should you make your Upload page visible on a website or public document.

To learn more about our Customer Upload feature click HERE.

This feature is being used by professionals in the loan and financial industries, educational institutions, law and accounting practices to name a few. To better understand how we can help your needs please email [email protected] or give us a call at 239.495.1181.

My clients need to upload documents securely

You ask –“I’m in the financial industry and I need a link in my email for clients to upload documents, how can I do that?”


Each MYDOCSONLINE account comes with a public Upload link that we can brand for you, or you can brand yourself through our step-by-step online branding assistant. You can take your Upload link and post in your email or even place it on your website. It’s secure and a professional way to receive files into your secure account. There is no programming on your part. The page is created automatically when you setup your account. The public upload link is LIVE and ready to share when you need it. File encryption is enabled automatically so there are no extra steps for you to take to get started.

Clients never need a User ID or password to upload files into your private account. Clients do not need to sign-up for their own MYDOCSONLINE account to send you files like other systems require. Our service is very user friendly.

File types do not matter unless you program your Upload link to only receive certain file types. Restrict certain file types or leave it so you can receive any file type.  It’s up to you!

Your public upload page is customizable to your business needs. This allows you to create a couple of extra fields that are specific to your industry to get the information you require from clients to keep the workflow moving forward. You can even embed the page on your web site.

Upload page customization supports:

  • Uploading, aligning, and sizing your own logo.
  • Adding a custom “instructions” section to tell your customers what you will do after you receive customer files.
  • Customization of prompts for each of five form fields, one required (identifying who is sending the files, which becomes the subfolder name the files are uploaded to), and four optional fields, including email and comment, plus two more you can define yourself.
  • Optional “I am not a robot” processing using Google’s reCAPTCHA checkbox. You want to receive customer files, not files from a robot.
  • Customizable “Upload Complete” message.
  • Optional confirmation email to your customer, with customizable subject, message body, and optional list of files uploaded.
  • Optional “file type whitelist” to restrict uploads to types of files you specify (for instance image files only:.pdf, .png, jpeg, .jpg, .tif, ,tiff)
  • Notification email (and notification flag) to you using standard My Docs Online email notification.
  • In the My Docs Online browser interface “Action:Details” for any file received via Customer Upload now includes all the information from the form your customer completed when doing the upload.
  • Optional link to a specific subfolder under \Customer Upload, enabling unique links (as well as notifications and permissions) for individuals or groups/departments within your organization.
  • Mobile Friendly upload alternative link displays for all mobile devices to allow for faster uploads.

For additional information and a video demo go to: https://mydocsonline.com/info_customer_upload-html/

We respect your privacy and protect your clients information. The public Upload link is where SECURITY meets SIMPLICITY as you do business online!



How is my data stored at MYDOCSONLINE protected?

A common question we get asked by businesses is “How is the data stored in mydocsonline.com protected? 


By default all My Docs Online sessions use secure HTTPS and TLS (Transport Layer Security) processing. This ensures that files being uploaded and downloaded across the Internet are encrypted for added privacy.

Files on our servers also employ “Encryption At Rest”. This means that even in the unlikely event that stored files would be misplaced or stolen they are encrypted with AES-256. In addition, the three components of Encryption At Rest (encrypted files, encryption keys, and encryption/decryption processing) are each on separate servers.

The My Docs Online site has several layers of data security to provide access control:

  • The My Docs Online web servers are deployed using a dual-homed configuration, thus providing specialized, application-specific firewall protection to our private network. This extra layer of security is specifically designed to keep your files and other information safe.
  • All user files are safely stored on the My Docs Online private network servers. These servers are machines that are physically isolated from the public Internet, for security purposes.

Physical security is provided by a “hardened” facility providing seamless connectivity, guaranteed uptime, and security.

All files are stored on RAID devices, which in turn are replicated to an additional RAID storage subsystem, providing exceptional data integrity.

By design, files deleted by a user are first marked “pending delete” for approximately 72 hours, during which time they are available for “undelete” by the user. Following this “grace period” all copies of a deleted file are permanently removed from My Docs Online servers. No “backup copies” are kept.

Customers who require backup of their files are provided with tools to back up their files to a server at their location.

My Docs Online does not disclose details regarding hardware or software used, to protect its servers, customer files and information. For security reasons we do not share this type of information but if you do have questions about file security,  or account security then please email us at: [email protected].


The Beginners Guide To Online File Storage

What Exactly Is Online File Storage?

Online file storage is, quite simply, the holding of information on an external server which is designed especially to cope with large volumes of data. Instead of a business employing one person to send out information numerous times—sometimes to many different countries—a business uploads all their information to one place (like My Docs Online, for example) where it is accessible to all staff, twenty-four hours per day. The advantage of this is clear: time is not wasted on sending emails confirming what has and has not been downloaded / viewed, and every person in the company knows exactly where they stand.

How Things Used To Be

Before online file storage was the powerful, high-speed, globe-encompassing entity that it has evolved in to today, running an online business of any size was fraught with challenge and difficulty at almost every level. Companies the world over relied on postal and courier services to deliver important information, with no choice but to accept a less than impressive time-scale, not to mention the strong likelihood of client dissapointment. With ever tighter deadlines to meet and clients expecting more and more value for money, companies struggled daily with a myriad of inter-connected problems which are now easily sorted in a matter of seconds.

How Things Are Today

Today things are very different—almost to the point that online file saving is now unrecognizable: like a gold-fish turned into a streamlined killer-whale. Instead of taking hours, sharing, accessing, and editing information happens in seconds. In minutes deals are done and dusted, crossing oceans and hurdling consecutive time-zones on a daily-basis. As a result the working day has been made infinitely more productive. In the space of a week a company can achieve what used to only be possible in a matter of months. The best part? Not only can we now do it fast—it’s also very affordable.

The Standard Has Been Set

Quality service and a thorough dedication to efficiency may be the norm today at My Docs Online, but in its infancy, the online file storage industry as a whole was also a costly, slow, and cumbersome affair. With only a few specialist online file storage companies to choose from, companies were stuck with less than a handful of frustratingly costly options. In the age pre-broadband, staff struggled to properly do their jobs and companies fought against the constant headache of sending large files from point A to point B. All that’s relegated to the past now, of course. My Docs Online makes it possible for businesses to implement the ideal online infrastructure, whatever their needs. In only a few simple steps, staff can send and receive information which is far too big to be sent via email (not to mention expensive). And there are several other prominent reasons why a business can benefit hugely from utilizing the best in online file storage:

Security Issues

Security is of paramount concern to every business, and My Docs Online file storage offers a number of obvious and distinct advantages over hard-drives and other data-holding equipment. Theft is one serious problem which online file storage—with its well-engineered safety features—is unaffected by. Fire is another. With information safely held off-premises, crucial data is safely kept out of harms way.

Diversity And Customization

Many levels of service are available, from economical plans to suit small businesses of only a few people to multi-user options capable of meeting the needs of networks containing hundreds. Increasingly powerful technology enables staff to navigate a sea of virtual information, and discuss its merits with colleagues at the touch of a button.