Scheduled Outage Midnight Eastern Daylight Time Monday, March 9

UPDATE: The outage for networking hardware upgrade is complete.

An outage is scheduled for Midnight Eastern Daylight Time Monday, March 9, lasting for approximately 1 hour and ending at 1 am Eastern Daylight Time Tuesday, March 10. (0400 – 0500 Universal Time Tuesday March 10).

The outage is for a data center networking hardware upgrade.

Any updates during the outage will be posted at

Status after site update

All systems are go and running fine. However, we do have a few people who are unable to reach the site because of DNS problems. The result of a DNS problem would be a Page Not Found error in your Internet browser when trying to reach My Docs Online. Normally DNS changes take place in DNS servers around the world within about 60 seconds, but some don’t update as quickly as others. (more…)