Top Five Reasons to use the Transporter with your Account

We introduced the beta version of our MDO Transporter a a couple of months ago yet many of you haven’t tried it yet for uploading and downloading files.  So, to try and encourage you to take the leap here is our top five list of reasons to use the Transporter.

1. It’s fast!  Really, it’s the fastest way we have to transfer files to and from your account.  It uses My Docs code on both ends which avoids many of the headaches involved with browser based uploads.
2. It uses intelligent file compression during uploads and downloads – once again making it Really Fast!
3. Cross Platform support.  Because the Transporter is a Java Webstart application it can be run on any flavor of Windows or Mac OS.  If you or your customers use Macs the Transporter is definitely something you should consider.
4. You can launch it from here.
5. Did I mention it was really fast at transferring files?
Please give it a try and let us know what you think.