Why Physicians, CPA’s, and other Professionals Have Turned to Online Storage: And You Should Too

The dawn of the information and technology age saw a tidal shift in the way physicians, CPA’s, and a number of other professionals operated their businesses: almost overnight the unimaginable (file sharing / high-speed web-folder storage etc) became an everyday thing as masses of paper was reduced to tiny digital devices. As a direct result once epic logistical problems were bypassed, manipulated, or entirely erased. The effect was enormous: Life became easier and more time was found during the working-day to do the things that mattered more: looking after patients / clients, and looking towards the future.

Up until the moment when online storage secured its place in history as one of the most valuable assets of modern times, the organization and time-management aspects of many companies were in dire straits. Here are a number of reasons that the best online storage, as provided by My Docs Online, should be top priority for you and your business:


Incredibly, hundreds, if not thousands of businesses across the world still fall in to the trap of not backing-up their records using web-folder storage. In the event of a fire or other incident the effects of not backing-up (to an off-site server) can be disastrous, regardless of the scale in question: while a small business, such as an accounting firm, may loose years worth of important data, natural disasters can easily wipe out the medical records of entire countries in one fell swoop. That’s why every professional needs to take advantage of services like My Docs Online to achieve excellent security: quite simply, it’s instant peace of mind for both the business and the client. Not only that but after a disaster, resurrecting a business’s records takes no time at all, meaning that clients, work-flow, and reputation is completely unaffected.

High-Speed Sharing

Viruses have millions of years of progress on human-beings: something which will always be the case. Equally, money and commerce is expanding at such a rate that entire economies can hinge on the careful distribution and analysis of money. Because of this, a physician or CPA needs access to information fast. And not only fast, but instantly. Anything less can mean the difference between an ideal resolution and, in some cases, an outcome concerning life and death.

The very best online file storage allows professionals to not only share financial records and patient information, but send and receive X-Rays, ultra-sound images, and various other scans which require consultation from doctors all over the world. For a CPA, Attorney, or those working with sensitive data, time is obviously also of the essence. By taking advantage of online file storage service, knowledge can be quickly obtained and collated from an infinite pool of sources, then translated (in to the desired language) using online services and compiled in a matter of minutes.

Faster Diagnosis / Damage Limitation

The Physician’s worst nightmare is, undoubtedly, the mysterious patient who is deteriorating rapidly, seemingly unresponsive to every kind of treatment. The best online storage, as My Docs knows from experience, is that which enables a speedy and accurate diagnosis to be found. In the past a physician had to rely solely upon his gut-instinct, but nowadays he / she may call upon a number of resources. Every single day, complex medical cases which would once have resulted in death are now solved in record time, thanks to online storage and the sharing of information which was once recorded only on hard to transport paper. Similarly, the CPA’s job has been made substantially easier: cases which may have resulted in court action or massive expense (due to a lack of paper-work, confusion regarding figures, or slow collection of data) are regularly put to rights.

The Beginners Guide To Online File Storage

What Exactly Is Online File Storage?

Online file storage is, quite simply, the holding of information on an external server which is designed especially to cope with large volumes of data. Instead of a business employing one person to send out information numerous times—sometimes to many different countries—a business uploads all their information to one place (like My Docs Online, for example) where it is accessible to all staff, twenty-four hours per day. The advantage of this is clear: time is not wasted on sending emails confirming what has and has not been downloaded / viewed, and every person in the company knows exactly where they stand.

How Things Used To Be

Before online file storage was the powerful, high-speed, globe-encompassing entity that it has evolved in to today, running an online business of any size was fraught with challenge and difficulty at almost every level. Companies the world over relied on postal and courier services to deliver important information, with no choice but to accept a less than impressive time-scale, not to mention the strong likelihood of client dissapointment. With ever tighter deadlines to meet and clients expecting more and more value for money, companies struggled daily with a myriad of inter-connected problems which are now easily sorted in a matter of seconds.

How Things Are Today

Today things are very different—almost to the point that online file saving is now unrecognizable: like a gold-fish turned into a streamlined killer-whale. Instead of taking hours, sharing, accessing, and editing information happens in seconds. In minutes deals are done and dusted, crossing oceans and hurdling consecutive time-zones on a daily-basis. As a result the working day has been made infinitely more productive. In the space of a week a company can achieve what used to only be possible in a matter of months. The best part? Not only can we now do it fast—it’s also very affordable.

The Standard Has Been Set

Quality service and a thorough dedication to efficiency may be the norm today at My Docs Online, but in its infancy, the online file storage industry as a whole was also a costly, slow, and cumbersome affair. With only a few specialist online file storage companies to choose from, companies were stuck with less than a handful of frustratingly costly options. In the age pre-broadband, staff struggled to properly do their jobs and companies fought against the constant headache of sending large files from point A to point B. All that’s relegated to the past now, of course. My Docs Online makes it possible for businesses to implement the ideal online infrastructure, whatever their needs. In only a few simple steps, staff can send and receive information which is far too big to be sent via email (not to mention expensive). And there are several other prominent reasons why a business can benefit hugely from utilizing the best in online file storage:

Security Issues

Security is of paramount concern to every business, and My Docs Online file storage offers a number of obvious and distinct advantages over hard-drives and other data-holding equipment. Theft is one serious problem which online file storage—with its well-engineered safety features—is unaffected by. Fire is another. With information safely held off-premises, crucial data is safely kept out of harms way.

Diversity And Customization

Many levels of service are available, from economical plans to suit small businesses of only a few people to multi-user options capable of meeting the needs of networks containing hundreds. Increasingly powerful technology enables staff to navigate a sea of virtual information, and discuss its merits with colleagues at the touch of a button.