Receive Customer Files Securely with Complete Customization

Our Customer Upload feature is used to receive customer files, securely, and easily. The most recent round of enhancements to Customer Upload adds more customization options then ever before using a Customization Wizard that walks you through each option, with a live preview along the way.

Customization now supports:

  • Uploading, aligning, and sizing your own logo
  • Adding a custom “instructions” section to tell your customers what you will do after you receive customer files
  • Customization of prompts for each of five form fields, one required (identifying who is sending the files, which becomes the subfolder name the files are uploaded to), and four optional fields, including email and comment, plus two more you can define yourself
  • Optional “I am not a robot” processing using Google’s reCAPTCHA checkbox. You want to receive customer files, not files from a robot
  • Customizable “Upload Complete” message
  • Optional confirmation email to your customer, with customizable subject, message body, and optional list of files uploaded
  • Optional “file type whitelist” to restrict uploads to types of files you specify (for instance image files only:.pdf, .png, jpeg, .jpg, .tif, ,tiff)
  • Notification email (and notification flag) to you using standard My Docs Online email notification
  • In the My Docs Online browser interface “Action:Details” for any file received via Customer Upload now includes all the information from the form your customer completed when doing the upload
  • Optional link to a specific subfolder under \Customer Upload, enabling unique links (as well as notifications and permissions) for individuals or groups/departments within your organization

Customer Upload can also be “embedded” in your website (only do this if your site uses https: to avoid browser warnings).

To view your new customer upload link and access the Customization Wizard:

As always, contact us with any questions or issues, or for hands-on help with customization.