Some interesting statistics (at least to me :)) on how people are accessing the My Docs Online website.  These figures do not include Webfolders access, they are just related to the website itself.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 95%
  • Mac OSX    4%
  • Others               1%

(Interestingly the leading candidate in the others category is the Apple iPhone.  One other interesting note is that we have users accessing the website through the Playstation Portable gaming devise.)


  • Internet Explorer 82%
  • Firefox 14%
  • Chrome 1%
  • Others 3%

It’s not surprising that the largest percentage of our users accessing using IE but the Firefox numbers were a bit of a surprise.  Most of the people that we talk with on the phone are IE users.

Other points of interest:

98.3% of our users have Java Enabled which is wonderful since Java is required to use the Transporter product.  If you haven’t tried the Transporter you should.   Click here to download and test with it.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) information – My Docs Users are very diverse when it comes to ISP usage.  The leader, as you might have guessed was Comcast, but they represent only 7.1% of our visitors.  Next is Road Runner, then Cox Communications, Quest and Bellsouth.    Last month our users accessed the website through over 3,500 different Internet Service Providers.

In terms of connection speed nearly all users access the My Docs site through some type of high speed connection.  Cable modem usage is the most popular with DSL running a fairly close second.  Amazingly enough 2% of our users still use dial up connections to connect to the Internet.  If you are one of those dial up users you will definitely want to consider using the Transporter.

Search Results – 80% of the people who find us via search find us using Google. The most popular search terms are different variations and spellings of My Docs Online.  Nearly 30% of the people who find us via search are looking specifically for My Docs Online.