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Some doctors are now asking MTs to enter the data directly into their EMR (electronic medical records) system. When considering offering this service transcription services should consider the following:

Cloud or Premises EMR?

First, is the EMR cloud-based or installed on the premises? And what is the name of the product? Find this out and do a web search on the product to learn the basics. If you are able to visit the doctor’s office get a demo.

If it’s a cloud-based system that can be accessed via a web browser across the internet you will need a login for the practice in order to enter data.

If the EMR is installed on the premises remote access is more complicated, at least in the initial setup phase. The typical solution is to use a VPN (virtual private network). If they don’t have a VPN already their IT staff would have to deploy one. The MT will likely have to install or configure additional software themselves. As an alternative to a full-blown VPN you might consider using a remote desktop application such as Microsoft’s free Remote Desktop Connection.

After you solve the connectivity problem there remain other issues to consider. The first is training on the EMR. How will you get trained and how much time will you have to invest?

Getting Paid For Extra Workload

woman-865111_640The second, more long-term issue is how much extra time, on average, will it take you to enter data into an EMR versus typing up a note? Most MTs charge by the line but when you are entering data into an EMR there aren’t really any “lines”. In general, for the MT to be properly compensated for the extra time it takes to enter data into an EMR the MT will want to charge more for each dictated “note” (but of course the doctor will want to continue paying the same as before).

Paying a bit more to the MT can, however, work to the doctor’s benefit, especially if that means less data entry for the physician (perhaps they can use the time saved to see additional patients) or avoiding having to hire a “medical scribe”.

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