Planned Outage for this Coming Saturday July 4th

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An outage is scheduled for Saturday, July 4th beginning at 10 am U.S. Eastern Time (1400 UT). Service interruptions may occur intermittently from 10:00 am until the upgrade is completed.
The outage is for a hardware upgrade.
We’ll keep the blog updated throughout the outage so please check back for more information. We’ll also have the phone lines open so feel free to call with any questions at 239-495-1181.

Need a Receipt for Tax Time?

Tax Time!
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As tax time approaches you may have a need to provide a hard copy receipt of your membership fees to your accountant.  If so it is possible to generate a printable version of your most recent receipt by logging into your account at and clicking the “My Account” button.

Once you enter the My Account section you’ll see the Account Information section at the top of the page.  In that section you should see a link to View / Print Most Recent Receipt.  Clicking that link will provide a printable version of your most recent receipt.

If you have a quarterly membership and need a receipt for all purchases made during the year just email us at [email protected] and we’ll have our accounting group prepare that receipt for you.

Tax time can be chaotic so if there is anything we can do to help please let us know.

Uploading Keynote Files to your Account

Unlike PowerPoint, Apple’s Keynote uses XML and folders called “bundles” to package multiple files and folders into a presentation.

As a result, when uploading or downloading you are actually uploading and downloading a folder structure, and a lot of files.

To make things trickier, OSX and Safari understand the special nature of Keynote “bundles”. The Finder will treat the folder bundle as a presentation, and if you try to upload one to My Docs Online via Safari, it will be grayed out (you can’t select it for upload).

If you use FireFox, you can select the “presentation” but it won’t upload, because it isn’t really a file.

However, if you use the Transporter to upload the presentation it will upload the entire bundle (all folders and files).

Then, when you want to download the presentation to another Mac, use the Transporter again to “download folder” and the result will be a working Keynote presentation.

For more detail about the technical aspects of Keynote, see this very technical piece: