Allowing people to upload files into your account – without the need to invite them to become a My Docs user

The following question came in through our online support chat earlier this week:

Question - “I am wondering if your system has the capability to create a general link that can be supplied to any individual so that they are able to upload files to a my account.”

 MDO Support Answer - ” Yes, it’s called customer upload”

Question - “So, I don’t have to invite specific people like the DropBox system?”

MDO Support Answer - No.

The My Docs Online “Customer Upload” link can be posted on your website or emailed directly to your customer allowing them to securely and easily upload files into your account without the need for a login ID or password.  They have no access to your account other than this ability to upload files.

If your business has the need for customers to upload large files directly into  your account and don’t want to provide them with an additional login ID and password check out customer upload.

You can learn more, including where to find your account specific customer upload link, by checking out the video below.


  1. Do you have any plans to develop an app so that clients can record and upload dictations via their iPhone or iPad?

    • Sam

      The Dictamus app available for both iPhone and iPad meets this need well, and includes My Docs Online as a pre-configured server. All you have to do is enter a My Docs Online User ID and password and the path to the folder you want the dictation files to upload to. Dictamus leverages the hardware-supported voice file types available on the device to optimize battery life, and intelligently chooses compressed formats where possible when connected via a mobile carrier as opposed to via WiFi.

      This article in the My Docs Online FAQ has all the details and links:

      There is a free version limited to a few seconds dictation time you can use to test it before you buy.


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