Business Start Up 101: How to Transfer and Store Large Files

One vital element of business start ups that is often forgotten until the last minute is the subject of file storage and file sharing. With proper planning in this area, your business will operate¬† more efficiently and you will appear more professional when dealing with new clients. There’s nothing that screams, “I’m brand new to this business” more than having to set up your file sharing account almost as an afterthought.

What Kind of Businesses Need File Sharing?

With more and more businesses operating online, almost every industry can use online file storage. If you work with large or sensitive files, you definitely need a way to upload large files and move them from your workspace to your client.

When you set up an account with My Docs Online, you’ll be able to upload any type of file, including word processing documents, music files, videos, spreadsheets, photographs and presentations.

The ability to store these types of files in an organized way, online, will also free your computer space and allow it to operate at top performance. You won’t have to worry about bogging down your system or transferring to an external hard drive. Your files are secure, accessible 24/7 and can be accessed by clients, coworkers or anyone else that you choose.

Legal Files: Client files can be stored securely and each file can be password protected, so that only certain Law Firms or clients can access certain files. This is perfect for the legal secretary or assistant who works for more than one law firm.

Medical Files: Doctors needing to discuss a patient condition can easily access x-rays, medical history, drug reactions, and more. Complete client files can be kept securely online. Gone are the days of sending for medical records and waiting days or weeks for them to arrive. Patients with a quickly progressing illness need to be treated as soon as possible. My Docs Online makes that possible.

Advertising Agencies: Large files used for print advertising, billboards, logos, and marketing pieces can quickly eat up your hard drive space. Large files can be uploaded to your My Docs Online account and accessed by your printer, the local newspaper and area magazines can pull ads from your account, and clients can access their files for proofing purposes. See how easy it all can become?

Work Groups: Collaborating on a project from four corners of the earth? Not a problem. Files, presentations, videos, images, and just about anything you need can be shared with your My Docs Online account. Large files can be uploaded quickly and efficiently, allowing others to keep up with the progress and collaborate on the project. Files can also be tracked with our unique ‘Follow That File’ feature.

Basically, almost every type of business can benefit from an account with My Docs Online. In today’s ultra fast paced world, documents, images, and presentations need to be there NOW. Your My Docs Online account will make sure that they are!