Why use Web Folders? Two reasons:

filetypesFirst, it’s an easy way to store, retrieve, and share files “in the internet cloud” while seeing the remote files and folders on your PC pretty much as if they were on your PC’s harddrive.

Second, Office applications (notably Word and Excel) can use File Locking via Web Folders to make sure two people don’t edit the same document at the same time.

If you and a colleague, for instance, both try to open and edit the same spreadsheet at roughly the same time, the first one to open the file can do so, and the second one will get a warning that another user has the file open for update, and all the second user will be able to get is a “Read-Only” copy of the file (until the first user closes it).

Use the Desktop App for any type of file

Using Web Folders for File Locking and edit collaboration is limited to Microsoft Office files, but our Desktop App extends this powerful functionality to files of all types, including Quickbooks, AutoDesk, and many more.

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