These products are no longer supported, but some customers are still using them.

Legacy Tools

Transporter: For Macs and PCs. Upload and download files and folders, faster and easier.

Upload Manager Client for Windows: A Windows program that does one thing – upload files or folders quickly and easily.

Download Assistant: (Windows only) An application that makes downloading large files or multiple files easy and fast. Used from within the web browser interface to select files then automatically launch the Download Assistant to save the files on your PC.

Wireless Tools: Faxing email attachments from a smartphone,  Receiving Wireless Email Attachments

Transcription Store: Our Transcription Store at Amazon showcases digital recorders and more that My Docs Online and its users recommend.

Legacy Products

Outgoing Fax Packages: Optional Outgoing Fax Packages are available as an add-on for any account, and start at $4.95 per month.

Legacy Pricing.